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Serrating Tool NW Series, Grooving Tool NW Series, Tube Installation Tools, Mumbai, India

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Serrating/ Grooving Tool-'NW' Series

We are offering Serrating/ Grooving Tool-'NW' Series
1/2"-1 1/2 " O.D.

Serrating/ Grooving Tool-'NW' Series
Features :
  • Changing of pilot nose and cutter allows one tool to cover a range of hole diameters.
  • Simple to change cutter for different groove shapes.
  • Location and depth for cut easy to adjust.
  • Only light pressure required to cut precision grooves.
  • Ready to fit CNC drill machiones, lathes and boring machines.
  • The life of cutter extendable by resharpening.
Bore Range
Model No.
Pilot Nose
Model No.
Circular From Cutter
Model No.
Tool Bit Holder
Model No.
Spare Tool Bit
Model No.
9 - 32
3/8 - 1.1/4
1 NW - 2 MT
1 NW - PN
1 NW - CF
1 NW - TBH
1 NW - TB
16 - 45
5/8 - 1.3/4
2 NW - 3 MT
2 NW - PN
2 NW - CF
2 NW - TBH
2 NW - TB
19 - 48
3/4 - 1.7/8
4 NW - 4 MT
4 NW - PN
4 NW - CF
4 NW - TBH
4 NW - TB
38 -102
1.1/2 - 4
6 NW - 5 MT
6 NW - PN
6 NW - CF
6 NW - TBH
6 NW - TB
Note :
Specify whether you need Circular From Cutter (one piece HSS construction) or Tool Bit Holder with Tool Bit, When ordering. Refer to operation manual for detailed spare parts list. Ask for leaflet number 038 for detailed features.
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